DigiLocker has a fast growing community of users who actively use the platform and are our strongest advocates. Our users help us in various ways - building open sourced add-ons or components, fixing application bugs/errors, testing etc. Our team actively engages with the community in the interest of shared collaboration and peer review. A big thanks to all members acknowledged here - your proactive action has helped in making DigiLocker better!

We'd like to acknowledge the following community members for reporting an application bug/error and helping us fix it.
    1.  Aseem Shrey
    2.  Anoop Gusain
    3.  Mayank Bhatia
    4.  Dewanand Vishal
    5.  Shesha Vishnu Prasad

And we'd like to acknowledge the following members for contributing some open-sourced code or component.
    1.  Alan Lobo - for building a Drupal module for DigiLocker